Assistance for franchisees is a key part of Signarama's global brand and one of the reasons for its decades of success.  From the curriculum specially created and delivered to new franchisees in their initial training to corporate staff visits to your location, ongoing seminars and World Expos put on for the benfit of franchisees, Signarama provides assistance through every stage of growth for franchisees.

Initial Training

Signarama begins its relationship with new franchisees with indepth initial training that takes places over several weeks. The first stage of training is conducting a Signarama India's headquarters in Chennai. This location provides not only the best place to learn about the brand, processes, materials and equipment, it also gives the best opportunity to meet and build a relationship with corporate staff. The second stage of initial training takes place at your new place of business with your new staff. Corporate personnel spend time setting up your store, as well as going out into the market place with you, helping you acquire and process your first sales leads.

Support and Monitoring

Our commitment does not stop at the opening of your store. We developed a schedule of monitoring and support to assist you in developing your business at regular intervals and as Part of the  schedule includes greater monitoring and support during your first year to help you increase your business and your profitability figure.